I am just not able to there any natural way to cure imsomnia ?

Answer Homeopathic Treatment for Sleeplessness/Insomnia, due to different reason and with different set of symptoms :- Sleeplessness during menopausal stage Senecio Aur 30X, 4 hourlyCannot sleep in the ea... Read More »

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What is the best cure for imsomnia?

Drink chamomile tea. It tastes good, having a natural sweetness. And it helps with insomnia. It's best known for it actually. I'm sure you could find some at a local store, such as Walmart, but an ... Read More »

Is there a natural methods for cure of cold?

These are some remedies which my mom uses, when i have cold :~ Always drink, warm boiled water.~ As harika said, take water steam.~ Drink milk with honey & turmeric (haldi).~ Gargle with saltwater.... Read More »

Is there any natural cure to keep dogs out of the garden?

Sorry, but the only natural cure for keeping dogs out of a garden is a fence. My dogs were trained not to so much as set foot in my garden but they just could not resist ripe strawberries and were ... Read More »

Is there any natural cure that could replace Tamiflu?

Please read these articles for complete and comprehensive information :-…… Read More »