I am installing windows xp but there is a problem?

Answer Are you trying to install Windows XP from a disc that has no service pack on it? If so then your hardware probably does not support it and you will need to install from a different CD version of XP... Read More »

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Problem in installing windows 8?

Windows 8 installing problem?

I just got my laptop with windows 8 too. I also had updates, but what I did is before downloading anything, I went to the store tile and right in the store it said I have updates. what I did was cl... Read More »

Windows 8 problem installing?

Did you delet your old c partishion befor install it... Try this... BOOT ur dvd and, go to ur c prtshion, and delet it... And make it agen as a new partishon...Next instal... Read More »

Problem In Installing Windows?

just use a REGULAR CD-R its made to fit on a CD unless there is some kind of DVD edition that i am not aware of because i don't use ubuntu and i hate the way it works if you don't like the Ubuntu ... Read More »