I am in the army reserve & they will pay up to 20,000 of a student loan back does that include a car?

Answer You can't be serious. A student loan is intended to pay for tuition. Certain other allowances can be included (books, supplies, etc.). Transportation expenses can be included, but usually includes ... Read More »

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What Happens if you cant pay back a student loan. Due to low income?

Your only option is to repay... even a small amount, every month, until it's paid off. Even if they complain and say you aren't paying enough, they aren't going to send any money back to you becas... Read More »

Is paying back a Student Loan optional?

yeah, what are they going to do? repo your education?

Should i take out a student loan and pay it back later, or try to work while i go to school?

well ill tell you what man im pretty sure student loans are one of the leading causes in debt in the u.s. so id definitely try to work while i go to school and se if it is sufficient enough if not ... Read More »

How Can You Go Back to School if You Are in Default on a Student Loan?

Going back to college can be a challenging task if you're in default on federal student loans. Unless you plan to pay for your education out-of-pocket, then you will need to get your student loans ... Read More »