I am in soo much pain! should i go to the hospital!?

Answer Hospital is always good.There was a lady in the other halves family who had symptoms such as yours. Because of her age they took her to the hospital. While there they told her what she had,Gas.

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Can I get pain relief from the hospital ?

go to the doctor and describe your pain symptoms and their should giver you appropriate medication .

Extreme Knee Pain Should I go back to the hospital?

Yes i think it wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor first, then depending on his results , goto the hospital.

I am have serve pain in my lower tummy area!!! What can I do, besides going to the hospital?

You need more tests, dear. I don't know if you are suffering from gynecological or gastric problems, but you need to go to a specialist.

You are 36 weeks pregnant and 2 cm dilated and in a lot of pain. Will it be long till you need to go to hospital?

AnswerIf you are in alot of pain, you should go to the hospital right now. Good luck and God Bless:)