I am hooked on Answers. I'm going on an Internet date tonight. Do i qualify for an Internet nerd certificate?

Answer No because i am the same as you hooked on internet answers can i join you on your date

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How to get wireless internet hooked up?

Yes you need to buy a wireless router. Get one with an ethernet switch in it too. It will plug into the modem, then you plug your desktop into the router instead of the modem, you configure and sec... Read More »

So....I'm finally hooked up to the what?

stop smoking to much eating pork pies and get out in the fresh air , ride you bike ,walk in the woods hire a boat and go down the river , what i mean is turn it of and get a life.x-)

How to Get a Router Hooked Up to Dial-Up Internet?

Your router must be properly installed in order for it to connect your computer to the Internet. A router allows your Internet signal to be sent from your modem to be processed by your computer, th... Read More »

If a house is NOT "cable ready" does that mean we cant have internet hooked up?

If its not cable ready and you still want internet from a cable provider, they will drop a coax line into your house where you want the cable modem to sit. They will need your consent to do so and ... Read More »