I am having troubles running 3 monitors.?

Answer That graphics card is capable of running three monitors but to my knowledge only in an eyefinity enable eyefinity one of your monitors has to be connected to the display port on the graphi... Read More »

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Running dual monitors plus xbox 360 in one of the monitors?

Why not just get a small TV (about the same size as your monitor) that has HDMI input for xBox 360, and a VGA (or DVI) input for the PC. Would be much easier to manage than this whole thing you ar... Read More »

Im having bathroom troubles HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?

take the knob off use a broom handle to push the downers back its easy


is something bothering you hunsometimes when I Have alot on my mind I can't sleep

Help!! my friends having laptop troubles,.?

by special requesttry basicsturn the pc and router modem offpull out each end of every cable on both PC and modem/router one by one and replace firmlybefore turning on check the air vent on the PC ... Read More »