I am having an MRI scan on my back,has anybody else had one,what is it like?

Answer Yes I had one done, it lasts about 20mins you are inside like what I would decribe a long box, you have to be really still, it is quite noisy, but it is really worth it, not scary at all good luck

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Is anybody else having trouble getting on facebook tonight?

Yes it is currently down.whenever this happens, check out these websites.…:)

Is there anybody else who is having trouble with youtube tonight?

i know they had big problems yesterday because Pakistan pulled the plug on them for showing anti-Islamic content .somehow this brought youtube down everywhere but i've just tried and had no problem... Read More »

Anybody else like this?

It's called Central Heterochromia and is completely common and normal. My wife's eyes are yellow in the center and extend into blue."...there are two colors in the same iris; the central (pupillary... Read More »

Positive test.....anyone else having a good day like me?

Congratulations!! I took a test last night after reading your question as i have had tender breasts and it was positive. I didn't believe it so did another this morning and same result!! :) Hope yo... Read More »