I am having a problem with my computer responds slowly?

Answer just reformat your pc and job doneor Here is some steps to speed up your computer.1. delete all temp files from your computer (search--*.tmp--all drive-- delete) or manually from windows temp folde... Read More »

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How can I fix this problem I'm having with my computer?

Hi Virginia, my hubby is a software developer and a wiz at computers. He said that you will have to upgrade to XP before you can upgrade your Adobe Flash Player, as new software is not compatible w... Read More »

My sister's computer is having a problem with Internet Explorer - it won't allow her on any websites...?

Nick is correct. Do a system restore.As an added precaution i would do a full virus scan after the restore is complete to catch the virus and remove it, lowering the chances of the exact same thing... Read More »

Vista problem. I'm having a problem with the mouse not working?

I had the same problem and it came down to restore. I didn't want to do it but I did. It was a screen program that I down loaded and it shut my mouse down.

I'm having a audio problem on my computer?

It's probably a codec related problem where your computer doesn't know how to play the audio, try downloading CCCP: then after it finishes installing try playing the vide... Read More »