I am guy with big belly, how many sit ups for beginners like me?

Answer doing sit up will do nothing, i had a big belly to once, and what i did was run 5 miles thoughtout the day, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE BREAKS. and i did that everyday and in a month i lost all the fat, and... Read More »

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Are you pregnant with two missed periods and no such other symptoms but a very much bloated upper belly with lower belly remains in same size?

you could but also could not it could be a stress problem interfering

How to Flirt Like a Pro for Beginners?

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What is it like getting a belly-button piercing?

It feels like a quick pinch. The real pain is afterwards, you cant bend over and lay on your stomach. Whatever you do dont over clean it because this will infect it.

My daughter aged 11 would like to get her belly button pierced?

To your daughter: You might thing it's stylish sweety but it is vulgar... don't do what everybody else is doing, be yourself... Think that you will have all the time of your life to do things that ... Read More »