I am going to the Chinese take away, what would you like?

Answer Prawn toast and king prawn chow mein please.

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If a pet shop closed down, then reopened 3 months later as a Chinese take away, would you eat from there?

Now these are the kind of questions I like!!!Tha' one's that make you Not if I knew that previously. If I ate there and found out later... I would probably sto... Read More »

What do you order from a Chinese take away?

Chicken chow mein (which the kids scoff!) sweet & sour chicken balls, duck with mushrooms, special fried rice and crisp chilli beef for the husband. I'm getting the munchies now!

"What do you order when you get a Chinese take away."?

Duck pancake rolls....and prawn crackers. its the bst thing ever!or sweet adn sour chicken....have ou tried it.... it really is the best there is... :)wat abotu you>

What do you order from your chinese take away?

Shrimp fried rice, beef lo mein, sweet& sour chicken, general tso,&crab ragoon.....................and we vary it with other dishes.We get alot so we can have left overs for everyone (family of 5)... Read More »