I am going to make some hot chocolate would you like some?

Answer I would love some hot chocolate Deb, Thank you. cadburys please,you are very kind my friend. Have a nice evening. (HUGS).

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What type of ice cream do you like most is it with some more chocolate or with some yummy Vanilla?

I prefer chocolate over vanilla but I love this Weight Watcher's brand of ice cream (can't find the flavour in any other brand) which is chocolate-raspberry. It's rich (without being over the top) ... Read More »

My husband is going to some hospital to get some scan of his eyes done that could make him blind?

mri= magnetic resonate imaging, uses super magnetic fields to do its work. those fields will "move" any ferrous material in the body. so a flake of iron in the eye could destroy the eyeball or nerv... Read More »

I just made some some hot nummies would you care for some :)?

What's a nummie?Is it like a cake or pastry, because if it is, them MOST DEFIANTLY!

I have a brown sofa and would like to find a wall color that doesn't clash would like some ideas.?