I am going to have a baby soon. How do I explain breastfeeding to my older child?

Answer Just explain matter-of-factly where the baby's milk comes from. You can tell him that the same is true of all animals, and maybe even see if your library has any videos or books that show baby ani... Read More »

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Can anyone explain why breastfeeding is ok, but extended breastfeeding isn't?

I'm still hoping that someone who actually believes all this will chime in, but reasons I've seen/heard over the years include:1. "It's ok when they're tiny, but once the 'know what they are doing'... Read More »

How to Design a Room for a Baby & an Older Child?

While putting your older child and new baby in the same room may seem like a risky decision, the right design and use of space allows for a harmonious and enjoyable shared space. The more design pl... Read More »

As many reply as possible: I want to know what is the cutest thing your older child has done for your baby?

When my daughter was born, my step-daughter made her a home-made card that said "welcome to Earth"!About two weeks ago, my daughter (now 4) put a sleeping bag and pillows out on the floor. She aske... Read More »

Is it better to baby talk to your new baby, or talk to them as if they were an older child?

When I think of "baby talk" I usually think of something like "Mommy wuvs her widdle baby." I find that kind of talk extremely annoying and I don't see how mispronouncing words would help a baby. ... Read More »