I am going to film a trailer for my movie but i need some help.?

Answer cheap doesnt fit into this equation at all. the least expensive pro-sumer camera will run about $3,000. Canon xl2, Panasonic DVX100, etc. all run over $2500. The extra mics, computers/editing soft... Read More »

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Make a Movie Trailer on Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker can be very helpful in making many movies, or even movie trailers.I don't know.

What is the music used in the Christmas film trailer on the BBC?

There is variable waiting time; typically more popular television shows will be uploaded faster than less popular shows. All shows should be available 24 hours after they are shown, but some can be... Read More »

Movie vs movie, what film do you prefer?

-Very tough one. Totally different films (credit to Hanks' versatility). I'm gonna say Forrest Gump because I prefer comedies, but Green Mile is really touching and has forced me to well up once or... Read More »

How to Make a Trailer (for a Home Movie)?

Have you ever wanted to make a trailer about something to tell someone about something? Then go to that and make one!