I am going to defragment my drive and i am doing it for the first time.Is it safe?

Answer Its very simple, all you are doing is going to run a tool that puts back the fragments of files that got scattered across the drive. Accumulation of this disease leads to overt drive activity and i... Read More »

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Formatting 3 tb hard drive in windows 8 , it is doing 2 first , can i not do it all in one go if so how?

This should explain it…you could use windows dynamic volumes and combine them

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How can I defragment the hard drive?

Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk DefragmentThe click Defragment and sit back for an hour or so.

How to Defragment a System Drive?

Disk fragmentation occurs when a computer stores data to different parts of a hard drive so that the data of a particular file is spread out on the disk rather than contained in one contiguous spac... Read More »