I am going for a beer in 5 mins what shall i have 5 mins to answer?

Answer Guinness Stout... the breakfast of champions.

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My supermarket fishmonger told me to bake my whiting fillets for 7 mins but im seein 20 mins as the norm onlin?

the baking time all depends on how thick the fish fillet is.There is no set time because all fillets are not the exact same thickness.In general, when frying fish, an inch thick fillet takes about ... Read More »

Time for a beer See you at Alibis(indy) in 30 mins?

How to Do Make up and Hair in 2 Mins Before Going to School?

Picture this:you have 10 minutes until the bus come/you have to leave, but you still have to find a look-looking outfit. Well then, here is a two minute solution.

What should i make to eat, please help i have 15 mins before i have to go to the store?

grilled cheese sandwiches are always good!but of course, what you make depends on the occasion. if its just for you, or a family dinner, or maybe a themed pot-luck.but i like grilled cheese sandwic... Read More »