I am going away for a week should i shut down my computer?

Answer Would you leave your TV on for a week? Or even overnight?

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Should I leave the computer on all the time or shut it down when it's not going to be used for several hours?

save energy, shut it down. disk drives, cooling fans are mechanical devices, so the longer they are running the faster they will wear out.

When you're finished using your computer is it best to log off, shut down, restart or just walk away?

Contrary to one of the previous answers, computers do not "need sleep." They are electronic machines and don't require being turned off in order to work well. Think - how does Yahoo Answers stay ... Read More »

How often should one shut down one's computer?

I own 5 desktops and none of them have been turned off in months.I schedule updates and virus scans to be run early in the morning when they are not in use.I have never suffered any ill effects fro... Read More »

Should I Shut-Down My Computer At Night Or Leave It On?