I am getting these thin white lines and dots in the black ink when printing?

Answer Most likely it's due to the recycled ink cartridge. The cartridge may be old & slightly worn out & shouldn't have been recycled. The nozzles are probably slightly dirty or slightly larger than they... Read More »

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Printer is printing black dots on the sides?

try to cleane ur catredge once and then u deleat all drivers of ur printer and re-install the driversometime it will happen because of wrong settings also

Does this match a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and a white headband with black dots?

These words - 'BLACK' and 'WHITE' - are they colours If so, can I call my black n white TV a coloured TV?

OMG I can't believe these people here who are answering your question think that you are being serious about this.

What are these white little dots over my mirror?

Thats toothpaste.Wipe mirror after brushing or brush your teeth from a distance.