I am getting other peoples bank statements, credit cards etc in my mail box, how can I stop it?

Answer Contact the US Post Master in your area and explain what is going on and what you have done up to this point. Begin putting, "Return to sender, nobody of that name at this address" on the envelopes... Read More »

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Are statements sent out for prepaid credit cards?

For most prepaid credit cards, you can sign up to receive a written monthly statement. This statement allows you to review annual fees, any monthly charges assessed by the card issuer and a run-dow... Read More »

Who took over Bank One credit cards?

JP Morgan Chase purchased Bank One in January 2004 for approximately $58 billion, according to "The Sydney Morning Herald." The transaction gave JP Morgan Chase a total of 2,300 branch locations in... Read More »

Can I get prepaid credit cards at the bank?

Many banks have prepaid credit cards that individuals can purchase either by telephone or in person at a branch location. The bank will generally require you to have a personal or business account ... Read More »

Does Bank of America have student credit cards?

As of 2010, Bank of America has only one student credit: the Student Visa Platinum Plus, according to their website. This card carries no annual fee and an interest rate of about 14.24 percent with... Read More »