I am getting my braces off tomorrow!!?

Answer You should definitely tell them that you had that surgery done, just to avoid any complications. If anything they might have you wait for it to heal before they take your braces off. When they do t... Read More »

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I get my braces off tomorrow, what is it like!!!?

I don't have mine off but my friend got hers off a few days ago, she said it didn't hurt at all and that they just clip them off, and that it only took a few minutes. She said the retainer she got ... Read More »

I'm getting braces tomorrow!!! Help please?

Dont worry it doesnt hurt i have them now and im 13 ive had them since i was 11 im getting them off soon, just remember the end resuly

Getting braces off tomorrow!?

1. No, nothing hurts at all. Maybe a little discomfort, but you don't feel when they shave the glue off.2. Slimy, get something to eat afterwards! Or a smoothie or something.3. No, but afterwards I... Read More »

I get my braces off tomorrow?

I have no idea, sorry.but congrats! I'm sure your smile will be beautiful :D