I am getting married on may23..on 1st nite shoul i have sex with him or not...?

Answer You're getting married and don't know your soon to be husband sexual past. Um maybe you should postpone the wedding.

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Is it true that sisters become closer after getting married while brothers become distant from his siblings after getting partner or getting married?

How to Deal With an Ex Getting Married?

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I have horrible headache. i dont have any painkiller. what shoul i do?

If you have any drink containing electrolytes (children's rehydration drink, sports drink, etc) try that. I've heard that a couple of glasses of sports drinks (Gatorade, etc, if you're American) w... Read More »

I drank 4 bottle of wine last nite without getting drunk. Am I an alcoholic?

Everyone has a different limit on how much you can drink, maybe you can drink quite a lot. As long as you ate food as well, the alcohol would have been absorbed by the food - a very sensible thing ... Read More »