I am getting discharge but it is whitish/clear and doesnt itch or burn what is it?

Answer taste it and see if it tastes like candy.

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Should your sun burn itch?

Any damage to the skin will cause it to be itchy.

When a person is getting dentures what causes their gums to itch excessively?

Three months is not normal.Itchy gums could be a sign of diabetes.She needs to see a doctor for a check-up.Below is a link of causes of itchy gums.…Have he... Read More »

I got a second degree burn on my left foot April 21,2007 and it itch REALLY bad.what could stop the intense i?

well second degree burns are notorious for there after effects. for the itching, the only thing i would suggest if the burn is pretty much well healed, you can try hydrocortison cream, but thats pr... Read More »

What do you do after getting a bad conduct discharge?

The Chicken dinner won't hurt you as far as private sector jobs.