I am getting braces tommorow do they heart when you put them on and after?

Answer they Dont hurt putting them on.. the only pain is after when the tighten them.... it is just soar if you talk some meds, youll do fine

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I'm getting my braces off tommorow.. what should i expect?

When someone with braces dies, are the braces taken off before burial, or do they just leave them on?

Depends on the family, remember that when people die, they never die with a smiling face... -_- so you will never be able to know, if you remember the Simpsons, when they unburied the Simpson Popul... Read More »

How long after getting impressions for braces will I get them on?

For me after I got my impressions they will tell you when to come back for an appointment. During that appointment they will tell you all the things they will need to do for your teeth. Then all yo... Read More »

Braces- do they hurt, can i go 2 school the day after i get them?

they hurt like hell, but honey, they are WORTH IT! you'll be fine the day after you get them. Just take some tylonal before you get the braces and then follow the directions on how often to take th... Read More »