I am getting a computer with 3.0 GHZ, 2GBDDR2 RAM, Nvidia GeForce8500gt, and vista...?

Answer You won't be playing any 3d gaming with that low-end video card. Edit: Looks like someone didn't like the correct answer and reported it. Sad the correct answer is suddenly wrong. Here's the link c... Read More »

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How to Build a Gaming Computer with Two Nvidia SLI Video Cards?

A gaming computer allows a PC gamer the ability to run the most demanding software available. By building a gaming machine, the user controls the level of performance the system can produce. A vide... Read More »

My computer crashed and now i'm having problems getting passed log in page (Vista)?

Sound like you have no choice to do a format your hard drive and reinstall windows vista disc.

Nvidia GTS 450 Graphics cards freeze my computer with SLI Rendering Enabled?

"The power supply isn't the problem (I think, as there are no problems with SLI disabled)" - This indicates that the power supply may be your problem. With SLI disabled, you are only powering one c... Read More »

Is a computer with 3gb ram,320gb hdd,256mb NVIDIA. GeForce 8200 graphics card good for running most PC games?

your specs is almost good besides your video card. upgrading it to at least hd4770 or 9800gt, or if you have a big budget, gts 250 or hd4850 or higher budget, hd4870 or gtx 260. the latter can play... Read More »