I am getting a blood test to check my thyroid function. What will happen next?

Answer The results will tell whether your thyroid is normal, underactive or overactive. If it's under or over, your doctor will put you on medication to correct it. If it's normal, he'll have to start l... Read More »

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What does low function of thyroid blood work mean?

Everyone has a thyroid gland. Proper thyroid function is essential for metabolic function. Low thyroid function levels indicate inadequate amounts of thyroid hormones in the body. Treatment is avai... Read More »

How do you test for low thyroid function?

A common disease in women, hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland cannot maintain sufficient levels of T3 and T4 hormones in the blood. Because T3 and T4 play a major role in regu... Read More »

What is the best blood test to take for thyroid?

TSH is the most common test but you should know there is controversy as to what the "normal" range is for TSH. A TSH of less than .5 is considered hyperthyroid, and a TSH of more than 5.5 is consi... Read More »

Will a blood test to check cholesterol show that im pregnant or not?

When a blood sample is sent to the laboratory, specific tests are asked for and only those tests are done. One bottle could do masses of different tests but the lab only do the ones asked for honest