I am fatigued even tho i had sleep and i have a weird headache?

Answer Headaches are caused by tight neck muscles. The muscles go to the top of your head where they connect to muscles going around your head., When the neck muscles are tight they can pull the head mu... Read More »

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Out of focus, Dizziness, Fatigued with sleep, Headaches?

Take the rest... That might lessen the migraine...good luck!

Hi please help I don't have headache but like there's this weird pressure on/in my head?

I am 16 years old and my dad has custody of me. I no longer wish to visit my mom. I don't even have a bedroom at her house. I have to sleep on the couch. Is this possible?

Answer Talk to your dad about going to court and getting you to talk to the judge and tell the judge why you do not wish to visit her and that you don't have any personal space at her house most j... Read More »

I feel sleepy even when i have a good night sleep..?

that's a popular problem.we have millions of sites teaching how to reduce sleeps, have a all nighter and all that.the really important thing to note is:not every advice applies to everyone since ev... Read More »