I am currently claiming jsa and am unemployed?

Answer I've been in the same position as you for a while. The job centre are absolutely terrible. If you go to college your benefits ARE cut off, thats what i was told. I got a job that turned out to be a... Read More »

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Can you collect disability insurance while recovering from surgery if you have been working for 35 years but are currently unemployed?

That would depend if you live in a state that provides disability insurance.The type of disability insurance would also depend on the seriousness of the surgery, i.e. is it short-term, work injury ... Read More »

If you become disabled due to pregnancy and are currently unemployed and collecting unemployment insurance are you able to collect disability insurance instead?

Check your policy language for details. Some insurers will pay benefits based upon your inability to perform certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL): eating, bathing, transferring, etc. Others wi... Read More »

What can you do if you currently have joint custody however your ex-husband is not taking care of your daughter's insurance or visitation however he is claiming her on his taxes?

Answer Take him to court and ask for sole custody, make sure you have documentation that he is not assisting in your daughter's needs.

The Advantages of Claiming Zero on a W4?

The W-4 is an Internal Revenue Service document you fill out with your employer that allows a percentage of your income to be withheld for annual taxes. You claim the number of allowances you want ... Read More »