I am cooking with a stainless steel frying pan how do I stop eggs sticking to the pan?

Answer Step 1.) Use non-stick cooking spray.Step 2.) Buy a coated non-stick pan.Step 3.) Ignore step 2 and you clean the pan.

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Is Cooking With Stainless Steel Pots Safe?

The best way to avoid having to deal with federal lemon laws is to buy smart. However, even the most diligent buyer can find himself on the bad side of a deal. Not all states have protective lemon ... Read More »

How do I clean stainless steel barbecue cooking grates?

Clean stainless steel barbecue cooking grates with a wire brush or pumice stone. Turn the barbecue heat on high, and allow particles on the grate to continue cooking; large particles will burn off.... Read More »

What is the difference between cooking in cast iron&stainless steel pans?

Stainless steel and cast iron pans both offer advantages to home cooks. The distinct cooking surfaces differ when it comes to heat distribution, maintenance and reactions with acidic foods.Heat Dis... Read More »

Does olive oil stop spaghetti sticking together when cooking?

Any Italian chef will tell you that this idea is nothing but a myth. It does nothing to the pasta - it just helps increase the profit of the olive oil producers !