I am constipated and my friend told me to eat raw eggs. Is that safe?

Answer I think salmonella causes diarrhea. But there are much safer ways than catching a disease from eating raw eggs. Try Apple or Prune juice or just buy an ex lax pill. Just don't eat the raw egg. As f... Read More »

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How to Help a Friend That Is Constipated?

When your friend tells you that their constipated the first thing you want to do is help him/her.You often get frustrated and helpless when you don't know what to say. This article will tell you ab... Read More »

An average women ovulates for about 35 years if she gets pregnant once during her lifetime approximately how many eggs will she release in that time 34 eggs 440 eggs 500 eggs 680 eggs?

Well this is a common case that when children reach adolescence they tend to be attracted to there same gender (this doesn't mean that they'll be homosexual or bisexual). It is a normal phase most ... Read More »

My friend told me that when you lose your virginity...?

Wrong. I think what she meant is that some "big" transformation goes "inside" your vagina, sort of like a caterpillar/python thing.Let me tell you though, most of those guys think 8" is the length... Read More »

My friend was having sex with his daughter and his wife walked into the room and caught them and he told her that she was not meant to find out that this was going on for five years.?

Your friend has committed incest which is against the law. Of course he didn't want his wife to find out because he is not a man, but a predator and he knows what he is doing is not right. His wife... Read More »