I am confused about the new HDTV (law) change in 2009.?

Answer Old TV's can still work, but you will need to get a convert box for each set. I forgot if you need anything for the antenna as well, but if you have cable you should be fine.

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What change do you need for direct tv hdtv in 2009?

If you already have the service of satellite or cable, your fine. All that the Feb. 2009 Transition means is that A "bunny ear" style antenna ill no longer work. Hope this helps!

I am confused about HDTV and the blu ray on the ps3?

the answer is yes, the TV will take care of itbut with the sony, you will have to change the setting manually, it is very easy and will only have to be done onceyou TV does not do 1080i so it will ... Read More »

Do I have to have HDTV by February 17, 2009?

no friend, not HDTV. follow the link for more info.

HDTV in February 2009?

u dont need a HDTV in 2009. if u have digital cable or satellite u dont need to buy a converter and u'll be ok. if u watch ur TV on an antenna u will need a digital converter to convert ur analog c... Read More »