I am buying a digital many megapixels do I need Is this a good one?

Answer 8 megapixels is more than enough. That camera looks like a good one.Alternatively, Mrs. VE and I have the camera below, and it's a fantastic camera.

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What's a megapixel if I am buying a digital camera, how many megapixels should i want for really good pics?

The megapixel rating of a camera is the amount of squares of data that are in the total picture. The more pixels (squares) the clearer and more detailed the picture. Now, as far as how high you sh... Read More »

Which is more important when buying a digital camera The # of megapixels or the zoom ?

To start with, there are two kinds of zoom. Optical zoom, which uses a standard lens to zoom in on the object, and digital zoom, which is just blowing up a section of the original image to "zoom" o... Read More »

Which digital megapixels camera are good?

Answer I would say a Fuji Camera 7 Megapixels. Any higher than that there is no visual benefit apart from having a larger picture.

How much megapixels should a digital camera have to be able to record good quality videos?

good quality view.. erm I rather say that depends on the lens. And the sensor...Not the amount of megapixels. Did you know that HD video has two versions, HD and Full HD. HD is 1280x720, that is ab... Read More »