I am always forgetting to lock my locker after I leave school. Where can I find a fingerprint-scanning lock?

Answer fingerprint scanner or not, it won't lock itself.

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How to Figure Out the Lock for Your Locker?

Once you've found your locker and memorized the combination, you still have to open it. Most lockers use combination locks, either one built into the door of the locker itself or a separate lock th... Read More »

How to Change Locker Combinations on Master Lock Lockers?

Insert the control key, turn it to the right and open the door. Push the button on the back of the lock case. Hold it down. Using your other hand, turn the dial to number 48. Never turn the dial mo... Read More »

If you restore your iPhone after forgetting your passcode lock will you be able to set a new passcode without having to know the old one?

Is it possible to change a dial combination lock to an electric key punch lock?

Ann, The short answer is yes. The long answer is; how difficult depends on the lock that is currently installed, and the operating bolt work. Some safes are directly retrofitable, and some safes m... Read More »