I am afraid that I have a problem with excessive to cut back?

Answer get a hobby, get fresh air

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I cant ejaculate when i have sex with a girl, Im a male, should i be concerned, im afraid that im gay?

You're most likely just nervous. A good way to "check yourself" in terms of sexuality is to track the very last thing you think about when you.... er... take matters into your own hands, and are a... Read More »

Everytime I move my moniter turns off then back on I have had this for 9 years is that the problem or what?

Check all your cable connections first...Nine years is about the life of a monitor.

Does Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters have a mental problem that's why hes afraid of everything?

11-02-83, which is the date that Mary Winchester was killed.

I have a problem with my computer that I just don't understand. HELP?

There's no hardware problem in your computer. I hope you are using XP windows version in your PC. Do this structure. Go to my computer and right click then go to properties. you may see some bars o... Read More »