I am addicted to coconut water. Help!!!?

Answer There's nothing wrong with coconut water, its actually pretty good for you. Better than being obsessed with pop, sodas, or coffee. If you are extremely obsessed with it, and cannot stop thinking ab... Read More »

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What's the difference between coconut milk and coconut water?

Coconut milk comes from the flesh of the coconut. It’s high in calories and most of those calories are derived from fat. Coconut water is much lower in calories than coconut milk. While the milk ... Read More »

I'm addicted to water, I'm sick, & I don't eat as much?

Drinking a lot of water is not bad but you don't want to drink to much that you "flood" your body with water. You need to ear an you should drink other things to balance out your electrolytes other... Read More »

Rum & Coconut Water?

This classic cocktail, from the heart of the West Indies, evokes images of swaying palms trees and salty sea air with its light, nutty and smooth taste. Served in a chilled Collins glass, though si... Read More »

Which water will help a plant grow best tap water sparkling water or purified water?

tap water will make your plants grow faster because it contains ions such as magnesium iron gases calcium carbonate and minerals.There is some purified water that will also make your plant grow onl... Read More »