I am a youtube partner, but I can't add a banner above my watch page?

Answer ask the channel you got the Partnership with and they'll give you all the info you need

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How can you put a banner on top of your youtube channel page?

You have to be a YouTube "Partner", which means you either have to be a film creator/director, a broadcaster, an advertiser, someone with a special project, or a person of special significance (lik... Read More »

Are all youtube views/monetised clicks calculated if you are a youtube partner?

There are more video views than ads on YouTube, so not every view has an ad. Only views with ads can earn revenue.Some subjects are more desirable to advertisers than others, so you may find some ... Read More »

Why have my youtube views/monetised clicks not yet been calculated if I am a youtube partner?

what makes you so sure you have earned money?People have to click on the ad, not just watch the video for you to get paid, even then you get paid very little, but it does add up.

How to Put a Flash Banner on My Web Page?

Flash banners are animated text and graphic designs of various sizes you can place on your site for advertising, marketing, informational and attention-getting designs aimed at your viewers. The ac... Read More »