I am a vegetarian but I worry about eating in resturants because?

Answer Right, i can answer this one with certainty.The majority of resturants do not check the cheese is vegetarian.Our local michelin starred resturant describe using vegetarian cheese as "going too far"... Read More »

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Is my eating disorder something to worry about?

ahhhh duh!!!!! you have an eating disorder! i would rather be overweight and healthy than underweight and not eat at all. Your body is not designed to disregard food and NOT EAT. Your body his inst... Read More »

How can I become a Vegetarian if I like eating meat?

oh no, the vegetarians have gotten to you to, making you believe that eating meat is wrong and unhealthy for you. (I've heard it causes all sorts of dieseases). But no, the truth is, eating meat is... Read More »

I want to become a vegetarian and stop eating meat?

well im a vegatarian and my family always buys meat and stuff but what you should do is ask them to buy you fruits and stuff just for you being a vegitarian is hard to good luck :)

How to start eating meat again after being vegetarian?

Yay! Welcome back to the real world.Start off with some chicken which is fairly easy to digest before you move onto beef and pork.If you didn't eat any seafood either then add some fish which also... Read More »