I am a teen vegetarian?

Answer Just tell them- ("Mom, Dad, I'm vegetarian. Please pass the turnips.") without any graphic accounts of slaughterhouses or factory farms. Tell them you have found that you feel better when you don... Read More »

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What are the essentials food for teen vegetarian?

Just eat from the four food groups. The protein group is not just meat but also eggs, beans, nuts and legumes.

Good Teen Vegetarian Recipes?

emma, you are ignorant. meat is full of colesterol, hormones, artery clogging fats, byproducts and other carcinogens, never mind that vegans have an extremely low obesity rate. but peta has great r... Read More »

What is an ideal diet for a teen vegetarian?

Vegetables, beans, pasta, rice potatoes etcDune

If a vegetarian feeds his cats on a vegetarian diet, is this an animal cruelty?

Cats are carnivores; vets never recommend vegetarian diets for cats. Vegetarian diets for cats exist, but they put the animal at risk for heart problems due to lack of taurine, and other conditions... Read More »