I am a heavy drinker and i am bringing up blood when i am sick?

Answer see your doc thats serious

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I'm curious, can i be a heavy drinker?

Well, I go through 1.75 ml of vodka a week, plus a few bottles of wine and champagne and I'm not a fatty.

*Not a heavy drinker* Which alcohol can I consume without giving off a strong odor of drinking all day?

Sorry to inform you, but you ARE a heavy drinker; hairsplitting aside.But hey, if you still have a job, you must be doing something right.I would consider either vodka soaked gummi bears or buttchu... Read More »

How do I not look like a long island ice tea drinker and like a scotch drinker?

Have a drink of scotch in your hand and act self-important.

Are you a Pepsi drinker or a coke drinker?