I am a girl,im 13 years old,and i weigh 130lbs,i am also 5'8 am i over weight?

Answer No, you are fine, your Body Mass Index about 20 which is ok.

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What should your weight be if you're 11 years old and 5'2'' and weigh 136 lbs and want to lose weight really bad?

work out 4 like an hour or 30 minutes a day do this 4 a week or 2 and thoes lbs will shed off I think you should do lots of exercise, but make sure you do a variety of things. like for the first da... Read More »

How can you lose weight if you're 12 years old and weigh 58 kgs?

Hello, i have the same problem as you i am 12 and i weigh 63.8kgs!, I'm now happy with my weight because i went to see a doctor with my parents and they told me that i have bigger bones than a girl... Read More »

What height and weight should nearly 17 years old be i am 4'11 and weigh almost 8 and a half stones?

its not about weight honey, its about how you feel about you... IF you are happy with the way you look, then you are doing just fine.I was a fat child, with a weight problem, caused by eating becau... Read More »

Are you overweight if you're 14 years old and weigh 17 stone 3 pounds if you're 6 foot 3 inches tall and do a lot of weight training?

Answer I think you know the answer to this one. From this website you are in the tallest 5% of the population and you could quite reas... Read More »