I am a girl,im 13 years old,and i weigh 130lbs,i am also 5'8 am i over weight?

Answer No, you are fine, your Body Mass Index about 20 which is ok.

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What should your weight be if you're 11 years old and 5'2'' and weigh 136 lbs and want to lose weight really bad?

work out 4 like an hour or 30 minutes a day do this 4 a week or 2 and thoes lbs will shed off I think you should do lots of exercise, but make sure you do a variety of things. like for the first da... Read More »

I want to know if im fat..i weight 105 and measure 5ft. 2 inches and im also 13 years old.. ?

Healthy weight for your height is 125. You are on the low end of healthy but definitely not over weight.

How can you lose weight if you're 12 years old and weigh 58 kgs?

Hello, i have the same problem as you i am 12 and i weigh 63.8kgs!, I'm now happy with my weight because i went to see a doctor with my parents and they told me that i have bigger bones than a girl... Read More »

Im 13 and I weigh 122 lbs. and im 5foot. Am i over weight?

No. You're not. You can look at all these websites and they'll all tell you different things. One website told me I should be 149 pounds and I was 5'5" at the time. Another told me I should be ... Read More »