I am a former flight attendant with an airline that did not support me breast feeding.?

Answer What airline? You can call employment standards. You can sue.

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How to Become an Airline Attendant?

Before becoming an airline attendant, you should consider several factors. Airline attendants are on their feet for several hours at a time. They must keep their passengers calm and happy, and be c... Read More »

So California is trying to pass a Law that Breast Feeding Mothers get paid breaks to pump breast milk. Opinion?

No, I don't think they should get "paid" breaks. I think extra breaks for a breast feeding mother to pump are fine if she requests it but I don't agree with paid breaks. How many would she need? I ... Read More »

Which is better breast feeding of bottle feeding?

breast feeding because you have more of a bond with your child and breast milk is better for them then formula

Leaking breast milk after four months of not breast feeding?

Leaking as in dripping 4 months after you stop nursing is not "normal" and needs a call to your doctor or midwife. Leaking as in droplets seen on your nipple or felt on on your bra, especially if t... Read More »