I am a diabetic i need to loose weight and lower my blood sugar. I am so weak i need help! what do you suggest?

Answer Speak to a nutritionist about a low carb diet which is perfectly safe for diabetics but you will need an expert to explain it thoroughly as you may feel weaker for the first few days which is norma... Read More »

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Do non diabetic thin people typically have lower blood sugar?

Didn't your doctor show more concern for you since you are emaciated ? You do need some more weight on you.Your Blood sugar is too low .Thin people get diabetes too.Thin people with diabetes have h... Read More »

Blood Sugar Control - How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels With Alcohol?

This is an interesting topic as many people who have gone for their fasting glucose test are determined to bring their blood sugar levels down. So here it goes, drinking alcoholic beverages can low... Read More »

What are the causes of low blood sugar in low sugar one of the possible diabetic complications?

Hypoglycemia occurs when:--* Your body's sugar (glucose) is used up too quickly* Glucose is released into the bloodstream too slowly* Too much insulin is released into the bloodstreamDoses of drugs... Read More »

Weak.. Blood sugar.. Low help me?

Anything sweet, any food available- u can take to raise ur blood sugar.