I am a Diabetic and I need to know if I can bring Insulin and Needles on a Domestic Flight. Can I?

Answer ^Yes you can, just bring a note from your doctor, the airlines realize that we diabetics need our insulin and have to carry it with us at all times. The site below will give you more information ... Read More »

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Can i bring home cooked items onto a domestic airline flight?

You can bring home-cooked items onto a domestic airlines flight. Items that are considered liquid, aerosol or gel must be placed in a checked bag. Food items may not be gift wrapped.References:Tran... Read More »

DIABETES - I am an insulin dep. diabetic going on holiday on Monday should I store my spare insulin in suitcas?

Never put your medications, even the spares, in your checked baggage. Medications need to be hand carried to ensure that you have access to it at all times. If you contaminated you primary insulin... Read More »

How much insulin can kill you if you are non diabetic Would it be painful to die from an insulin overdose?

As far as dying, it would depend upon the amount & type of insulin. There are some slow-acting insulins that work over a 24-hour period. Then there are fast-acting insulins, some faster than others... Read More »

What happens if an insulin dependant diabetic wont take their insulin?

Their sugar will rise progressively in the short term. In the longer term, assuming they avoided coma, they would be at increasing risk of the eye, vascular and renal complications of diabetes.