I am PMSed and my boobs REALLY hurt! Is tylenol effective for curbing the pain?

Answer No. Tylenot is not going to help. Try a heating pad.I feel your pain. The only thing that I hate more than PMS is having a period in the first place. Cramps get so bad make me want to jump in a tim... Read More »

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My boobs are sunburnt and they hurt soooooooooo bad!!!!!! what can i do to ease the pain SERIOUS!?

OUCH.Vinegar takes the sting away but hurts like heck when you first put it on. Also, you can put aloe lotion on which will also help a lot.


Advil (ibuprofen) or Aleve (Naproxen sodium, which in higher doses is a prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory), and aspirin may be better at helping calm down the inflammation which part of ... Read More »

I have a kidney stone on my right side. I have had pain for about a week but today it really started to hurt.?

are you male or female?NO, it will get a lot worse!I've had SEVERAL..... it is WORSE THAN HAVING A BABY!!!!NOT KIDDING!

Why does one of my boobs hurt?

From what my doctor tells me is that younger breast is normal to be painful at times. she said it just more lumpy than older breast, which can make it hurt. She advise me if its become too unbeara... Read More »