I am 6ft 1" 16 stones and as hard as nails .What are you?

Answer I'm 6ft 7, bald, no teeth, one eye and a built like an all in wrestler. Not many women like me about. Mr B says I'm always handy in a road rage situation.

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What is the difference between acrylic nails, gel nails, and solar nails?

okk..... acrylic nails....there are many options for acrylics.. french, american, or regular tips.. frech and american can only be clear.. regular can be used as any color that you can apply ontop... Read More »

How to Get Hard Nails?

Having soft an brittle nails can be awful if you want your nails to be strong, and healthy so you can grow them long.

How to Remove Hard As Nails Glue?

Hard As Nails glue is used to apply acrylic nails and strengthen natural fingernails. It as an adhesive that can form a very strong hold that lasts for weeks, which often results in lingering resid... Read More »

How to Make Your Nails Hard?

Long nails are glamorous and alluring. The problem is that they are not easy to achieve. Artificial nails are a substitute to get the look you desire, but can damage the delicate nail bed and may l... Read More »