I am 5"3, 13, an di weigh from 89-92, is that overweight?

Answer No that EXACTLY what I weighed when I was that age. Ur fine dont let anybody else tell u differently.

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Am I overweight I am 12,im 5'0 and i weigh 80 pounds?

Whatever...your neither old enough nor heavy enough to be fat...relax and enjoy your childhood...your body is going to change over the next 4-6 years anyway...

If you are 12 years old 5' and weigh 106 are you overweight?

Answer i do believe that you are.. You should first do a yahoo search on obesity and it should bring up a chart on body mass.Depends....It totally depends on if you're athletic, have lots of muscle... Read More »

If you are 5' 2 and weigh 155 pounds are you overweight?

If you are 5' 2 and 155 lbs that does not mean you are fat. You are, however, overweight and need to maintain a healthy diet. You can shape up quickly. Just watch what you eat, exercise as much as ... Read More »

Are you overweight if you are 5 foot 4 and weigh 127 pounds?

Absolutely not. You're at a very healthy weight range if you're at that height and weight. But it all depends on the person whether to consider yourself "healthy" or not. Calculate to Find Out ... Read More »