I am 35 years old and have my first child on it's way and want to go to college...?

Answer You are not single parents if you are together. Please don't call yourself a single parent. You are not a single father in any way shape or form. Please don't think you can get more cash using th... Read More »

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You adopted a child 2 years ago you are now divorced and want to sign over your rights how do you do this and will you still have to pay child support if the child is not biologically mine?

England and Wales It is not possible to "sign over rights". If you have adopted a child, you have a duty to maintain until that child has left non-advanced education or reached 19 years old, whiche... Read More »

How many college football coaches have won 80 games in their first 8 years?

According to records compiled by the College Football Data Warehouse, nine college football coaches earned 80 or more wins in their first eight seasons. The coaches are Fielding Yost, Walter Camp, ... Read More »

scared about college dont know if illl get in i failed college the first time and now i want to go bk?

Financial aid is largely based on financial need, not grades. Also, don't let your worries about being admitted keep you from applying. You undoubtedly learned a lot from your first try at college ... Read More »

If you have a baby through an affair with a married woman does her husband have any rights to the child after six years of raising the child as his own?

Answer In most states, a child born in wedlock (to a legally married couple) is presumed to be the child of the husband. Legally, the court recognizes that the husband is the father of the child an... Read More »