I am 35 years old. am i old enough to get preggo?

Answer If you can't answer that, you aren't capable of being a parent.

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Is it possible to get preggo from......?

the chances are very very very slim. You would have had to have physical contact with the ejaculate left behind by the other person. And even then the chances are slim.

Lyk, omgosh, am i like, preggo!?

Lyk, omigosh, Hannah, like, yes!!1!2!!!God, I hate those questions...I mean, us lovely other users are not pregnancy tests. Nor do we wish to be peed on.Well, most of us...(Hehehe, the bubble is te... Read More »

Fianlly Im preggo!!!!?

LET IT OUT GIRL!!!! YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!! Stay healthy and happy for the upcoming months! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing hun best wishes and again congrats!!! =) =) =) =) =) Whoo ... Read More »

Hey preggo's check it out its a funny one!!?

lol My husband is a lawyer, I have to show him this one!