I am 16, is it weird if i dated a 19 year old guy?

Answer Girl tht is totally fine! When i'm 16 i'm gonna go out with this really sweet, cute, funny, kind, & loving 21 yr old man & honestly i can't wait! He already told me tht when i'm 16 he's gonna ask m... Read More »

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Is it weird that i am 20 and i am in love and have *** with a 57 year old?

You can't help who you have feelings each his own... as long as you're not hurting anyone I don't see a problem. The only thing that would leave me to believe there is a problem is that yo... Read More »

Is it weird for a 14 year old to have a laptop?

14 is not too young at all, I got my daughter her first laptop when she was 12 and it was a great purchase (she is now 21) laptops are not a big purchase like they once were, you can get them for ... Read More »

Is getting your teacher a gift at the end of the year weird?

On One Hand: Gift Giving is a TraditionGifts for teachers aren't weird, they're a widely accepted way for students and their parents to thank an educator for his or her efforts. Common gifts includ... Read More »

Would it be weird if a 14 year old wore this shirt?

ewwww, thats ugly. but if you want to wear it do it