I am 14 and weigh 175 Ibs and im 5'1 how can i loose 40 Ibs in 2 weeks?

Answer Hate to break it to you, but you can't. If you want to lose that much weight, it's going to be a long-term project. An ideal weight for a girl your height and age would be 100-120 lbs.

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Is it possible to loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

Let's see, well, 1 lb is 3,500 calories.Your BMR is 1674.25 calories (calories you'd burn per day doing absolutely nothing)Assuming you ate, say, 1200 cal, you'd need to burn about 2900 calories.Ex... Read More »

I am 5 ft. I weigh 100 pounds. How much weight should I loose?

I'm 5'8" and weigh 220 pounds. Do I need to loose weight?

you are thick, healthy, and beautiful!!! :) dont let anyone tell you your not !!you have a figure and you have curves and that is attractive and healthy :)dont concentrate on your negative bmi so m... Read More »

How much weight would you loose if you didn't eat for two weeks?

Probably 10-20kg coming from fat and muscles.