I am 13 years old and I need a job.I can't do babysitting, house sitting or pet sitting. What else could i do?

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Where can I find house sitting/pet sitting jobs?

http://www.housecarers.comI listed with them over a year ago, and have had the time of my life housesitting for a variety of interesting locations. They do charge for membership, $45 a year. But th... Read More »

I am 21 years old female. my heart rate has been staying at 159 when i am sitting around the house.?

SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) 150 beats sustained without physical exertion. Caused by when the SA node moves during puberty from the foramen ova to the top of the right atrium but leaves a po... Read More »

When you’re sitting on the upstairs floor, are u sitting on the downstairs ceiling?

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We were sitting at the table having a conservation and there was a guy sitting breathing all heard.?

I do the same thing so tell him dont feel bad (hint:Im not obese)