I am 13 i want to have sex but i am worried about getting my girlfreind pregnant?

Answer Hey Dude,Usually I would say this to the girl in a relationship but it equally applies here If she really loves you, she will be willing to wait until you are both legal for sex.If she doesn't unde... Read More »

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You are pregnant at the age of 11 should you be worried?

With pregnancy in one so young, there is a higher likelihood of low birth weight and birth defects in the baby. So there is reason for concern. But be careful to do exactly what your gynecologist t... Read More »

Am pregnant & worried?

36 weeks is premature, but probably nothing to worry about. Normal pregnancies are 40 weeks; 37 weeks is considered "full term". I'm going to assume that this is your first child, in which case y... Read More »

You are 11 years old and pregnant should you be worried?

Absolutely. Contact a doctor. Tell your family. Get help, You'll need it. Definitely time to put on your big girl panties. If it's a false alarm... stay away from the things that cause it until you... Read More »

I have a headache everyday and im pregnant should i be worried?

you should talk to your doctor but they will most likely just tell you to take tylenol..i have the same problem.